Free Sic Bo Tips

Posted by in Casino Bonus | April 16, 2013
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Play Free Sic BoSometimes free advice really is the best advice. If you are looking for free sic bo tips then you can take advantage of a great deal of shared knowledge you can use to help you win big. Because there are no limits on who can bet on different scenarios in a sic bo game, other players have nothing to lose by teaching you a few tips to successful playing. It all comes down to how the dice are rolled and what the most likely outcomes are for the circumstances you bet on.


Free Sic Bo Tips that Work

Most tips involving betting games focus on teaching the basics of the game. When you know what bets are worth you can make more informed decisions on what you would like to do with your chips. Free sic bo tips recommend that newcomers start small and work up to large or risky bets until you are very familiar with what you can bet and what you are able to win when you change your strategy. Different tables have different winning percentages for each outcome, but the premise is basically the same, with more risky ventures having a higher payout rates and common occurrences being worth much less.

Other free sic bo tips include following your streaks. If you happen to get on a high streak where you are winning several games in a row, stick with it. You have obviously caught on to the rhythm of the table and have a good idea of what bets are worthwhile. But as soon as your streak goes cold or if you lose several games in a row, take a break to get refreshed. You never want to sit in a losing streak because your betting can become erratic and desperate. If you need a pick me up after a losing streak, go back to simpler bets like the big and smalls where it is easy to win. This will let you build your chips back up slowly while you revaluate your strategy and form a new plan of attack. This also puts you in a nonthreatening situation where you can observe the other players and get a feel for the atmosphere of the table.

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