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Save Money By Using Online Casino Bonus Codes

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The perks of online gambling are broad and many, players who gamble online and who are familiar with top online casinos will readily agree! Online casinos are most famous for their money saving perks that all players can benefit from. When it comes to saving money, you can always rely on online gambling as a cost effective alternative to land based gambling. Whether you are playing your favourite casino games on a budget or you simply prefer saving cash where you can to further your bankroll, online gambling has something to offer every player. Here are a few cash saving tips you could make use of when gambling online.


Casino Bonus Codes

Online casinos offer players packages or deals at discounted rates. These deals can be bought at a low price and this is what is known as a casino bonus code. Bonus codes are designed for specific online casinos; you cannot buy a casino bonus code and use the code at another online casino. Some casino bonus codes have an expiration date, so players should be sure to use these codes within the given time.


How Casino Bonus Codes Work

You can either find casino bonus codes directly from your online casino should your casino be offering them, or you can visit casino bonus sites. These sites list top online casinos along with the bonus codes and what they entail. When you use a casino bonus code site, you may even find free codes which can be accessed directly through the site. This code will be credited to your account once you have signed up with the online casino and created a players profile.


What Casino Bonus Codes Include

If you are more than just a little curious to know what some bonus codes may include, you can expect to find the following in a deal that has been designed just for you:

    • Free Spins
    • No Deposit At Selected Casino
    • Free Cash
    • Match Deposit Bonuses
    • Cash Back Deposits
    • Free Games


Some casino bonus codes will include a combination of all of the above. Some deals may include free gaming time along with free cash to play specified casino games. A combination code is usually the most rewarding of deals as players get value for their money.

Many online casinos give their members bonus codes for free as an incentive to remain a loyal member or as a prize, so if you would lie to be the recipient of one of these amazing deals, make sure that you choose an online casino that can provide you with these amazing incentives!

By using these casino bonus codes players save money while bettering their chances of winning more cash t discounted rates. So the next time you are looking for deal, one that will further your bankroll and provide you with the perfect opportunity to make cash back on what you spend, make sure that you seek out bonus codes from top online casinos or casino bonus sites!

5 online casino bets you do not want to waste your bonus on

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When you have just redeemed a bonus, the last thing you want to waste it on is bets that are to the exact opposite of your advantage. The idea behind house edge is very simple: in the beginning, the player and the casino are on even playing ground, each one has an equal chance to win, hence a house edge of 0.00%. This percentage merely means that the house does not have any advantage over the player. Certain manipulations or rather designs of each game allow the house (the casino) to gain an advantage over the player because after all this is what will ensure that the casino gets some income in. Hence, the higher the house edge, the higher the chance of the player losing. Below are some bets that you will want to avoid when wagering with your bonus (or your own money).


Baccarats Draw

This is known as one of the worst bets in table games. This bet comes with a house edge of 14.36% making you an extremely lucky person f you ever win anything from making such a bet. The Baccarats Draw bet comes in contrast to the games two other bets which are both some of the best bets a player can make at casino table games.


7, 2, 12 Craps bets

Betting that the number to be rolled on the Craps table is a 7 – whether on the come out roll or any roll following it – gives the house an edge of 16.67%. Needless to say that these are monstrous odds stacked against the player. Additionally, statistically, 2 and 12 (as the minimum and maximum numbers) are the least likely numbers to be rolled and so offer the player very little advantage. Both numbers have 13.89% house advantage.


Blackjack insurance

Taking an insurance bet is quite tempting because of the wording. Nevertheless, this bet makes it to the worst bets list simply because it comes with a house advantage of 8%. This is significantly lower than the house edges presented by the bets above but it is still too high for the house advantage that the player should ideally be playing with.


Any slots bet

Calculating the house edge on slots is not as set in stone as the house advantages of table games. With online slots, the house edge may very well vary between different casinos while the house edge of table games will always be a certain percentage. In general, slot machines offer some of the highest house edges on a casino floor. A good indicator of the house edge of slot machines at a casino is looking at the payout percentage used by the casino. If the payout percentage is 87%, then the house has a 13% advantage over the player, hence a 13% house edge. Some casinos have recorded payout percentages up to 98% which is a notable decrease in the house edge. However, in general, slots offer 10-15% in house advantage, making them quite a risk in comparison to games such as Blackjack where the house edge could be as low as 0.28%.



The one that takes the cup for the worst casino bet given the high house edge is playing the game of Keno. This game gains the house a stellar 25-30% advantage over the player, making it quite a stunt to invest in such a bet. The thing about Keno is that it is basically the Lottery just with slightly less house advantage. The possibility of each number being picked does not decrease as the more places are taken on the board. This makes it that much more difficult for the player to get the winning combination of numbers.

Different Casino Bonuses To Avail

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Different Casino BonusesOne reason why you should play online casino games is because of the free casino bonus you can avail. Casino bonuses are one of the factors that set an online casino apart from a real world casino. You can’t expect to get any kind of bonus in a real casino. Usually newbies are not aware of these bonuses and they don’t use them. If a person is not availing free casino bonuses, he would be usually not taking full advantage of online casinos. Casino bonuses are actually free money that the casino gives you. Usually gamers are given a free casino bonus so they can start playing games for free. This gives a benefit for both the online casino and the gamer. Gamers are usually reluctant when investing their money in online casinos and so giving them free casino bonus overcomes their reluctance and makes them confident about playing casino games.

What different bonuses you can avail?

When it comes to free casino bonus money, there are different bonuses you can avail that will give you free money to play your games with. The one common form of casino bonus is the sign up bonus in which you get free money by the casino when you sign up on their website. This bonus can only be collected once and gamer can play casino games using that money. Another bonus is the deposit bonus in which a gamer receives a bonus when he makes his first deposit. There are different percentages of bonuses offered by different casinos. Some offer as much as $5000 in bonus payments. Another bonus is the loyalty bonus which a player can receive when he keeps playing on the website for a long time specified by the casino. Besides this, there are also refer a friend bonuses in which a player receives a bonus when he refers a friend to the website.

How casino bonuses work?

When you get the free casino bonus, you will have to fulfill the wagering requirements before a person can receive the amount in his account for withdrawal. This means a person can only play casino games for this bonus and he can’t withdraw the amount until he places his own bets and wins a certain amount of money. For all you need to know about casino bonuses visit the bonus authority for more.

Free Online Keno Games

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Free Online KenoFree online keno games are easy to find and easy to play. There is absolutely no difference between an online version and a traditional game. If you are new to the game and want a chance to get used to the rules or you love playing keno all the time but don’t want to constantly have to pay for it, this is a great resource. You can play as many rounds as you want in the privacy of your own home without having to submit any charges for your picks. Of course, this does mean there are no prizes available, but you can always upgrade to a paid game once you feel comfortable with your skills. Playing for free gives you a chance to see how hot the numbers are and where the picks usually land so you can make more accurate choices when you fill out your cards. If playing keno at home sounds like fun and you like the idea of being able to play free of charge, then head into a game and start playing right now! For the best online casinos to play Keno games please visit

How to Play Keno Games

Keno is a very easy game to play. All you need to worry about is what numbers you would like to pick. This is purely luck based, but some people who play keno games like to keep track of what numbers have been played in recent rounds to help them select numbers that might be upcoming. Whether you like to develop a strategy or you simply pick numbers that have a special lucky meaning for you, there is no wrong way to play keno. Since the game is so heavily randomized, this is a great game to play for free because there is absolutely no penalty for guessing incorrectly on any given round.

Playing Free Online Keno Games

When you are playing for free, you will often be at home playing by yourself. So relax, put on something comfortable and stretch out for a while. When you play free online keno games there is no worry that you will play for too long or play more than you can afford to. As long as you are still having fun and still winning it’s worth your while to keep the free games going.

Free Sic Bo Tips

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Play Free Sic BoSometimes free advice really is the best advice. If you are looking for free sic bo tips then you can take advantage of a great deal of shared knowledge you can use to help you win big. Because there are no limits on who can bet on different scenarios in a sic bo game, other players have nothing to lose by teaching you a few tips to successful playing. It all comes down to how the dice are rolled and what the most likely outcomes are for the circumstances you bet on.


Free Sic Bo Tips that Work

Most tips involving betting games focus on teaching the basics of the game. When you know what bets are worth you can make more informed decisions on what you would like to do with your chips. Free sic bo tips recommend that newcomers start small and work up to large or risky bets until you are very familiar with what you can bet and what you are able to win when you change your strategy. Different tables have different winning percentages for each outcome, but the premise is basically the same, with more risky ventures having a higher payout rates and common occurrences being worth much less.

Other free sic bo tips include following your streaks. If you happen to get on a high streak where you are winning several games in a row, stick with it. You have obviously caught on to the rhythm of the table and have a good idea of what bets are worthwhile. But as soon as your streak goes cold or if you lose several games in a row, take a break to get refreshed. You never want to sit in a losing streak because your betting can become erratic and desperate. If you need a pick me up after a losing streak, go back to simpler bets like the big and smalls where it is easy to win. This will let you build your chips back up slowly while you revaluate your strategy and form a new plan of attack. This also puts you in a nonthreatening situation where you can observe the other players and get a feel for the atmosphere of the table.